Monat: März 2023

Bitcoin Reaches New Highs: Is $30K the Top?

• Bitcoin’s current high is above $28K, but it hasn’t been tested at the important resistance level of $30K yet. • A clear divergence between the price and the RSI indicator could lead to a short-term correction or consolidation stage. • If a correction does take place, Bitcoin could retest two major support levels: $25K…

Von admin 24. März 2023 Aus

Poolz Responds to Security Incident with Rapid Action and Platform Restructuring

• Poolz disclosed the measures it took to mitigate the effects of a security incident • The team responded quickly and had the hacker’s address flagged on leading blockchain explorers • Poolz initiated a fundraiser campaign to strengthen security and build a robust platform for users Poolz Security Incident Prompts Rapid Response Poolz recently experienced…

Von admin 17. März 2023 Aus

Bitcoin Price to Skyrocket in Potential Oil Crisis: Arthur Hayes

• BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes published an essay outlining potential scenarios that could make oil prices boom, and consequently send Bitcoin’s price skyrocketing. • Hayes discussed three possible futures that could lead to a supply shortage of oil – conflict in the Strait of Hormuz, intentional production cuts by key producers, or sabotage on critical…

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