IOTA develops its own oracles for real-time data in smart contracts

The IOTA Foundation is preparing the introduction of so-called oracles to feed real-time data into smart contracts on the Tangle network.

The IOTA Foundation is planning to introduce so-called oracles to feed real-time data into smart contracts on the Tangle network , according to an official blog post from February 8th.

Tangle offers advantages

In contrast to many blockchain oracles, the Tangle with the IOTA oracles offers a number of advantages, such as free transactions and processing almost in real time. The data used by IOTA Oracles do not come from external data sources or intermediate parties for transmission, but are written directly into the Bitcoin Circuit by their publishers.

The IOTA Foundation demonstrates the functionality of the IOTA oracles in a small video. It uses an example to show a so-called first party Oracle, which receives a price feed for digital assets from Kaiko and streams it on the IOTA Tangle.

„Once transmitted, applications can use Kaiko’s corporate-quality crypto-asset market data and integrate them into any decentralized application such as an automated market maker (AMM), a credit platform or a synthetic asset exchange on the IOTA Tangle,“ explains IOTA.

IOTA leaves several years of downtrend behind

The news about IOTA Oracle and other progress seems also boost the price of its own cryptocurrency Miota which after a bottoming out of more than two years up could erupt . On February 5, the exchange rate was only 0.4367 US dollars and has risen to 1.31 US dollars in the past few days .

Coordicide is getting closer

How IOTA already on 5 February told , there is for the interim version 1.5 IOTA Chrysalis now a status page . On this you can track the progress up to the planned Coordicide release IOTA 2.0 in detail using status updates. In January, a new version of the so-called Pollen-Testnet for the upcoming version IOTA 2.0 was published . Pollen is the first of a total of three phases up to the planned coordicide with IOTA 2.0, which will be supplemented by the two phases nectar and honey, based on bee colonies .

Zero to Blockchain: the online training course on blockchain promoted by Acta Fintech

Acta Fintech’s Blockchain Certification Program to explain the basics of Blockchain technology and digital assets

„Zero to Blockchain“ is the online on-demand training course that aims to explain the basics of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Together with other emerging technologies, blockchain technology is considered by experts around the world to be one of the most promising for business and social development in the coming years. Starting from basic concepts, the programme will address technological, financial, application, legal and fiscal issues.

Upon completion of the programme participants will be able to understand the foundations of this innovative industry and the relationship between Bitcoin and blockchain. They will also receive a certificate of completion of the course.

Italian modules and experts

The programme will be the basis from which to start taking your first steps in the area of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Acta Fintech has carried out the course together with the Italian experts of Cointelegraph Italia: Gian Luca Comandini, well-known technology disseminator and member of the governmental task force of blockchain experts chosen by the Ministry of Economic Development; Federico Tenga, Co-Founder and COO of Chainside, Fulvio Sarzana of S. Ippolito, civil, criminal and administrative lawyer and one of the leading experts in new technology law; and Gabriele Tancioni, tax attorney at Studio Siniscalco and Partners specialising in cryptocurrency from a tax point of view.

The training programme is structured in 4 modules dealing with different aspects of technology:

– Module 1: Introduction, historical background and basic concepts

Curated by Gian Luca Comandini, Module 1 deals with the economic history and its evolution up to the arrival of Bitcoin Secret. Dr. Comandini will introduce you to Bitcoin, the technology behind it and the concepts essential to know this sector.

– Module 2: Technological aspects and essential tools

Thanks to Federico Tenga, the technological aspects and architecture of the blockchain will be explored in depth. In particular, thanks to the knowledge of the essential tools, module 2 will allow to understand the potential applications of blockchain technology in the business environment.

– Module 3: Legal aspects and favourable legislation

Edited by Fulvio Sarzana of S.Ippolito, module 3 deals with the problems and legal possibilities related to blockchain technology and its applications, and goes into detail on the regulatory interventions aimed at regulating blockchain.

– Module 4: Fiscal aspects of virtual currencies

In this last form, Gabriele Tancioni deals with the legal and fiscal regime of cryptocurrencies with particular attention to the tax aspect applicable to the cryptocurrency market and to the transactions taking place on the blockchain.

The structure

The Zero to Blockchain program can be used entirely online.

Through the course distribution platform, participants will have access to video lectures and teacher presentations. Lessons can therefore be played at any time and unlimitedly, using computers or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Buy the course with BTC and save 10%.

The modules can be purchased in three different formulas according to the user’s needs. The „Single Module“ is a formula that allows the purchase of individual modules at a price of €59 (VAT excluded) each; the „Full Module“ package provides for the purchase of the full course at a cost of €149 (VAT excluded). With the Full Module a training certificate will be issued certifying the knowledge acquired and the possibility of inserting the CV in Acta Fintech’s public database.

The last formula is the „Gold Module“ at the price of 399€ (VAT excluded), which provides for the purchase of the full programme, the issue of a training certificate, the possibility of inserting the CV in Acta Fintech’s public database and an entrance to Blockchain Week Rome in 2021.

Acta Fintech offers the possibility to purchase the course also in BTC or ETH with a 10% discount on the prices of the various formulas. To pay with this option, please contact the team at

Program in promotion with the launch offer

For a period of about one month it will be possible to purchase the „Zero to Blockchain“ program modules at the prices shown in the following article. In about a month the prices of the program will increase significantly.

For more information please write to or visit the „Zero to Blockchain“ programme page.

Top crypto nieuwsberichten van de week

Zakenmensen die het nieuws lezen. Eenmaal digitaal op de smartphone en eenmaal klassiek in de krant.

Steve Wozniak richt een blokketen-gebaseerd platform op, China test de e-yuan, Microstrategy wil nieuwe bitcoin kopen, en JPMorgan ziet bitcoin als een serieuze concurrent voor goud. Top crypto nieuws van de week.

Een andere opwindende week in de crypto ruimte loopt ten einde. Een compact overzicht van de belangrijkste gebeurtenissen rond Bitcoin en Co.

Steve Wozniak richt „Efforce“ op.

Apple mede-oprichter Steve Wozniak heeft „Efforce“ opgericht. Het platform, dat gebaseerd is op blokketentechnologie, wil de markt voor energie-efficiëntie fundamenteel veranderen door energieprojecten te beveiligen. Het doel is om het voor iedereen gemakkelijker te maken om toegang te krijgen tot energieprojecten. Hiervoor heeft het bedrijf de WOZX-munt op de beurs geïntroduceerd, waarvan de waarde direct door het dak is gegaan. Vanaf 0,1 dollar sprong de prijs in een mum van tijd naar 2,88 dollar. Hiermee is de penning met 2.800 procent gestegen.

China mengt E-Yuan onder de mensen

In de Chinese stad Suzhou kwam op 11 december een CBDC-tombola tot een einde. De burgers van de stad maakten daarin kans op 100.000 pakketten van 200 digitale yuan per stuk. Nu kunnen de burgers de munt uitgeven op het komende „Double12“ festival tot 27 december. Veel winkels in de stad hebben al aangekondigd dat ze de e-yuan zullen accepteren. Zo heeft e-commerce gigant China is al enige tijd bezig met het testen van de invoering van een digitale munt. Eerder waren er al soortgelijke proefnemingen in de stad Shenzhen.

Microstrategie wil meer bitcoin kopen

De Amerikaanse softwarefabrikant Microstrategy heeft opnieuw aangekondigd voornemens te zijn Bitcoin te kopen. Dit is volgens een verklaring op 7 december. Daarbij is het IT-bedrijf van plan om een investering van 400 miljoen dollar te doen. Het geld is afkomstig van de verkoop van converteerbare obligaties (senior convertible notes) aan institutionele beleggers. De koers van het aandeel Microstrategy (MSTR) kon profiteren van de aankondiging en steeg al snel met 2,5 procent. Tot nu toe werkt de strategie van de Amerikaanse serviceprovider om Bitcoin te gebruiken als haar belangrijkste reserve-activum. Vooral de Bitcoin-rally van de afgelopen weken heeft de ondernemingswaarde van Microstrategy gekatapulteerd.

JPMorgan ziet Bitcoin als een serieuze concurrent van goud.

JPMorgan gelooft dat de acceptatie van Bitcoin en andere cryptokringen in de reguliere financiële wereld goud zal schaden. Nog maar een paar weken geleden getuigde JPMorgan van de mooie toekomst van Bitcoin, en sinds oktober hebben de Bitcoin-fondsen te maken met een enorme kapitaalinstroom van institutionele beleggers. Volgens JPMorgan’s kwantitatieve strateeg Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou zal deze trend zich op lange termijn voortzetten en zullen steeds meer instellingen in digitaal goud investeren. JPMorgan is dus een van de weinige Wall Street banken die een grote verschuiving van goud naar cryptocurrencies voorspellen.

Airbnb gaat openbaar

Het in Californië gevestigde accommodatieplatform Airbnb maakte zijn beursdebuut op de avond van 09 december. Bij het ter perse gaan ligt de koers van het aandeel net onder de USD 150 (EUR 124). Ondanks het enorme verlies aan inkomsten in de toeristische sector, besloot het bedrijf na diverse malen uitstel naar de beurs te gaan. De uitgifteprijs was 68 dollar. In de IPO-toepassing heeft het bedrijf ook positief gereageerd op een mogelijke implementatie van cryptocurrencies. Het zou dan ook niet verwonderlijk zijn als het bedrijf op zijn minst de marktleider Bitcoin als betaalmiddel zou toelaten.

Venture capital firm to acquire OMG Network (formerly Omise Go)

OMG Network, the Ethereum (ETH) based scaling network, has been acquired by a subsidiary of Genesis Block, a Hong Kong based OTC trading company. Could this be a sign of renewal for the project formerly known as OmiseGo?

Venture capital firm buys OMG Network (formerly OmiseGo)
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OMG Network acquired by an industry giant
The Layer 2 scaling solution based on Ethereum, OMG Network, ex-OmiseGo, has been acquired Genesis Block Ventures (GBV). This company is a subsidiary of Genesis Block, a Hong Kong-based over-the-counter (OTC) trading company.

Described as a „silent giant“ in the Asian cryptomatics industry, GBV has been actively involved in the development of decentralised finance (DeFi) in 2020. This would have notably established close links with numerous projects in Bitcoin Legacy the sector and above all platforms such as Binance and FTX.

GBV acquired OMG Network from SYNQA, its former parent company, which raised $80 million as part of its Series C financing round last June. As a result of this acquisition, the team and project activities are transferred from SYNQA to GBV.

Although the amount of the acquisition has not been disclosed, it is likely to exceed $100 million.

Although OMG Network has been rather discreet lately, the project still attracts major players in the ecosystem. Also last June, Tether’s USDT stablecoin became part of the network, an initiative justified by its practicality and performance.

Binance Exchange Logo
Trade the OMG on Binance“.

Time for renewal for OMG Network?
Following this acquisition, a number of integrations and collaborations are being prepared. GBV and OMG Network will work hand in hand to explore new approaches. The project is expected to enter the world of decentralised finance (DeFi) in the near future, notably with lending and trading platforms based on its network.

Since the beginning of this trend, OMG Network has not really been in demand, although the network is fully capable of hosting DeFi applications. As GBV states in its press release, OMG Network’s initial objectives will remain unchanged in the short term.

Of course, its native token, the OMG, will remain the token powering OMG Network. Moreover, the news has been rather well received. The price of the OMG has risen by almost 20% in just 40 minutes, from $3.7 to over $4.4. A rapid rise that will nevertheless have quickly stopped in its tracks:

OMG Network share price

Evolution of the OMG price on Binance – Source: TradingView – OMG/USDT


This major ally should help the project to stand out from its competitors and to come back to the forefront. Thanks to GBV’s relationships with the world’s largest exchange platforms, they may welcome new services linked to OMG Network.

However, it should be noted that OMG Network’s main interest lies in its network capacities, which are far superior to those of Ethereum at present.

Black Friday crypto deals galore as Bitcoin is on the discount

Bitcoin’s bull run bodes well for Black Friday buyers.

Several platforms offer attractive discounts.

Hodlers can choose to profit from their holdings when the market is at its peak

Bitcoin’s bull run aligned perfectly with this year’s Black Friday . Holders benefit from a plethora of transactions they can capitalize on.

2020 has been an extraordinary year for Bitcoin Trader, even by its wild standards. From the lows of March to the rapid rise in recent months, the year has been marked by a lot of excitement and activity. Aside from the price, we have also seen some major developments such as support from PayPal and greater regulatory clarity.

Perhaps these developments helped give Bitcoin a push to near record highs

Investors will be happy to know that there is still time for the cryptocurrency market to appreciate further. Still licking its wounds from yesterday’s losses, BTC is showing resilience and determination to cross $ 20,000.

Historically, Bitcoin has performed well in the last month of the year, and growing interest from institutional investors bodes well for the asset. Investment bank JPMorgan Chase noted that Q3 saw even more institutional fund flow compared to Q2 2020. So far, investment activity has aligned with Tyler Winklevoss‘ prediction of the arrival of a “ tsunami of investors ”.

The Bitcoin bull run has coincided nicely with this year’s Black Friday retail event as multiple deals and bargains become available. This is particularly useful for retail investors, who can now take advantage of foreign exchange trading to get the best prices.

Those who are getting more serious about their cryptocurrency investments can also take a look at the Black Friday deals for wallets. This can be especially useful for hardware wallets, which are the best tools for storing and protecting funds.

Investors can also reserve funds for cryptocurrency trading courses . It’s a great way to learn how to make the most of the current Bitcoin Bull run as well as the chance to learn a valuable skill at an affordable price.

Calm down! Bitcoin Options data says that $18,500 is not a local maximum

Investors fear seeing a 30% drop in Bitcoin prices similar to 2019, but option data suggests that the USD

Earlier today, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) peaked at USD 18.476 after an impressive 35% rally that seems to have started in early September.

Watch out for these two levels in case the Bitcoin Revival price suffers a big correction before the USD 20,000

This amazing move was followed by a correction to the USD 17,000, a natural setback. This adjustment led some investors to question whether the current setting resembles the peak of USD 13,850 formed in July 2019.
BTC/USD pair in July 2019.

At that time, there was a 30% drop after a similar-sized rally, and then it took 14 months for Bitcoin to recover to the USD 13,850 level. Coincidentally, there was a large sudden drop right after that local high, but the price finally recovered and stabilized near the USD 12,800 level.

If something similar happened this time, investors would expect a minimum of USD 13,000 for the current cycle. Apart from a sudden drop after a strong rebound, what other indicators mimic the price action of July 2019?

Grayscale Survey Connects COVID-19 Pandemic to New Bitcoin Purchases

The first step is to analyze the base indicator of futures, which can be interpreted as investor optimism. The basis is also often referred to as the futures premium and measures the premium of longer-term futures contracts over current spot levels (traditional markets).

Fixed month futures contracts are generally traded at a small premium, indicating that sellers are asking for more money to delay settlement of the contract. In healthy markets, futures must be traded at an annualized premium of 5% or more, this situation is known as contango.
Annualized basis for 3-month Bitcoin futures in July 2019.

There may have been some over-optimism, as the base indicator reached 20% on June 23. However, it remained at very healthy levels throughout the 2019 price correction.

The above graph can be interpreted as an absolute unwillingness to reduce long positions. This move occurred despite a sudden drop of USD 2,000 followed by a 30% correction from the peak.

Why Traders Expect a Bitcoin ‚Blow-Off Top‘ to Occur Above $18,000

Strangely enough, even the 30% drop after the USD 13,850 high did not lower the premium on futures contracts. The decline in the bullish trend usually has a massive impact on the base indicator.

We are moving quickly to the current scenario, and there is not a single case of excessive optimism according to the same metric.
Annualized basis for 3-month Bitcoin futures in November 2020.

The chart above shows that the base indicator quickly fell below 10% just after the peak of USD 18,500. To further differentiate the current price action from that of July 2019, two weeks before the price peak, the futures premium was 0%, a clear sign that investors had bearish sentiment.

Binance hires Donald Trump’s lawyer who helped close Gawker Media

This time, the lowest level during the last two weeks was 7%. This means that investors have maintained positive expectations over the last few months, while in July 2019, the market saw an intense, fast and optimistic race.

Options traders were not as optimistic before the rise

To better analyze current market sentiment, investors should also consider option market spreads. The 25% delta slope indicator will go to the negative side when call options (neutral or bullish) are more expensive than similar put options. This metric generally ranges from -20% to +20% and reflects current market sentiment.

25% delta slope for 3-month Bitcoin options in June 2019

Interestingly, Bitcoin experienced an 80% bull run in the three weeks prior to the peak of $13,850, but the options market didn’t seem to be ready for this. At the time, upward protection using call options was trading at the same premium as downward put options.

Awaiting a sharp change in the price of Bitcoin, as the volatility of BTC has fallen to a 16-month low