Poolz Responds to Security Incident with Rapid Action and Platform Restructuring

17. März 2023 Aus Von admin

• Poolz disclosed the measures it took to mitigate the effects of a security incident
• The team responded quickly and had the hacker’s address flagged on leading blockchain explorers
• Poolz initiated a fundraiser campaign to strengthen security and build a robust platform for users

Poolz Security Incident Prompts Rapid Response

Poolz recently experienced a security incident which prompted them to take rapid action. Within two hours, they had managed to have the hacker’s address flagged on leading blockchain explorers. They also removed liquidity from Uniswap and Pancakeswap to protect users. In response, Poolz launched a fundraiser campaign in order to implement new security foundations.

Platform Restructuring Initiated

In order to ensure that such an incident would not occur again, Poolz began work on designing a new platform token called POOLX. This token is currently being audited by Certik, ArcadiaGroup, and ChainPort. The goal of this restructuring was to bolster security and create an improved user experience.

Fundraise Campaign Achieves Success

The fundraiser campaign initiated by Poolz proved successful, raising $600K within 12 hours of launching. This money will go towards strengthening security measures across the platform as well as creating more robust foundations for users.

Founder Comments On Incident

Poolz Founder Liam Cohen commented on the success of their rapid response: „We’re proud of our team’s swift and effective response to the cyber attack.“ He emphasized that user safety is always their top priority, making sure that all necessary steps are taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in future.


Poolz reacted swiftly and effectively when faced with a recent security incident. Their proactive response was key in containing damage while protecting users from further harm or contagion. The team also successfully fundraised in order create new foundations which will help improve user experience going forward.