Zero to Blockchain: the online training course on blockchain promoted by Acta Fintech

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Acta Fintech’s Blockchain Certification Program to explain the basics of Blockchain technology and digital assets

„Zero to Blockchain“ is the online on-demand training course that aims to explain the basics of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Together with other emerging technologies, blockchain technology is considered by experts around the world to be one of the most promising for business and social development in the coming years. Starting from basic concepts, the programme will address technological, financial, application, legal and fiscal issues.

Upon completion of the programme participants will be able to understand the foundations of this innovative industry and the relationship between Bitcoin and blockchain. They will also receive a certificate of completion of the course.

Italian modules and experts

The programme will be the basis from which to start taking your first steps in the area of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Acta Fintech has carried out the course together with the Italian experts of Cointelegraph Italia: Gian Luca Comandini, well-known technology disseminator and member of the governmental task force of blockchain experts chosen by the Ministry of Economic Development; Federico Tenga, Co-Founder and COO of Chainside, Fulvio Sarzana of S. Ippolito, civil, criminal and administrative lawyer and one of the leading experts in new technology law; and Gabriele Tancioni, tax attorney at Studio Siniscalco and Partners specialising in cryptocurrency from a tax point of view.

The training programme is structured in 4 modules dealing with different aspects of technology:

– Module 1: Introduction, historical background and basic concepts

Curated by Gian Luca Comandini, Module 1 deals with the economic history and its evolution up to the arrival of Bitcoin Secret. Dr. Comandini will introduce you to Bitcoin, the technology behind it and the concepts essential to know this sector.

– Module 2: Technological aspects and essential tools

Thanks to Federico Tenga, the technological aspects and architecture of the blockchain will be explored in depth. In particular, thanks to the knowledge of the essential tools, module 2 will allow to understand the potential applications of blockchain technology in the business environment.

– Module 3: Legal aspects and favourable legislation

Edited by Fulvio Sarzana of S.Ippolito, module 3 deals with the problems and legal possibilities related to blockchain technology and its applications, and goes into detail on the regulatory interventions aimed at regulating blockchain.

– Module 4: Fiscal aspects of virtual currencies

In this last form, Gabriele Tancioni deals with the legal and fiscal regime of cryptocurrencies with particular attention to the tax aspect applicable to the cryptocurrency market and to the transactions taking place on the blockchain.

The structure

The Zero to Blockchain program can be used entirely online.

Through the course distribution platform, participants will have access to video lectures and teacher presentations. Lessons can therefore be played at any time and unlimitedly, using computers or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Buy the course with BTC and save 10%.

The modules can be purchased in three different formulas according to the user’s needs. The „Single Module“ is a formula that allows the purchase of individual modules at a price of €59 (VAT excluded) each; the „Full Module“ package provides for the purchase of the full course at a cost of €149 (VAT excluded). With the Full Module a training certificate will be issued certifying the knowledge acquired and the possibility of inserting the CV in Acta Fintech’s public database.

The last formula is the „Gold Module“ at the price of 399€ (VAT excluded), which provides for the purchase of the full programme, the issue of a training certificate, the possibility of inserting the CV in Acta Fintech’s public database and an entrance to Blockchain Week Rome in 2021.

Acta Fintech offers the possibility to purchase the course also in BTC or ETH with a 10% discount on the prices of the various formulas. To pay with this option, please contact the team at

Program in promotion with the launch offer

For a period of about one month it will be possible to purchase the „Zero to Blockchain“ program modules at the prices shown in the following article. In about a month the prices of the program will increase significantly.

For more information please write to or visit the „Zero to Blockchain“ programme page.